Aboriginal Symbols; Memory Matching Game

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The pack contains 13 cards (6 matching pairs and a instruction card)

Through Ngandabaa's symbols, playing our memory game can improve attention, concentration, and focus. Memory games give space to critical thinking which can help children nurture their attention to detail. Memory games can also improve visual recognition.

How to play

1. Mix all the cards up.

2. Place all cards down in rows.

3. Player 1 flips over two cards.

If they match, player 1 gets to keep them. If they do not match, player 1 must put back in same spot.

4. Player 2 takes their turn and follows the same rules.

5. The game is over when all cards have been matched. Make sure you count your cards to see how many pairs you matched!


Please note; there are a huge variety of symbols and some have different meanings to other artists. These are my drawn symbols and I don’t speak for everyone

Ngandabaa acknowledges and pays respect to all Aboriginal Elders past, present and future